Prayers That Bring Miracles:

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A number of readers have been kind enough to let me share their feelings about the book. Some wrote their response and gave me permission to print their responses here. Others have reviewed Prayers That Bring Miracles online.

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Keith Fisher

The following persons gave us permission to share their responses to the book.

Prayers That Bring Miracles opened my mind to the magnitude of possibilities through prayer. I no longer go through a ritual for the sake of obedience, but look forward to the answers and direct guidance that I once thought only a few were privileged to experience in this life.” —Michael Strode, real estate agent

“Since completing your marvelous book, I realized that my entire life is a miracle. I'm seeing miracles all around me and personally witnessing them in my life.”   —Darlene Burgi, BYU department secretary

“As I read Prayers That Bring Miracles, I knew almost instantly that this is a book for which many people are hungering... Rarely have I read a work that touched my spiritual senses so deeply.” —Julie Davis Jensen, book evaluator

“I loved it... We've already changed some things about prayer in our family because of it. One difference is having the Spirit when you pray, like you're talking to a real person.” —Linda Nelson, graphic artist

“It was one of the best books that I have ever read... Prior to reading this book, I had not been praying for quite some time. I just couldn't find the motivation in me... Reading Brother Bird's book helped to restore my hope, faith, and commitment to daily meaningful prayer. The book is simple, direct, and moving.” —Donna Bush, clinical social work

“The reading of this book has reawakened within me the confidence that God does hear and answer our prayers.” —Scott Paulson, real estate title examiner

“What a joy it is to read gentle, powerful concepts of truth written so clearly it motivates you to implement and expand them in your life. Seldom one sees scriptures, quotations and thoughts blended so simply and beautifully. Wonderful reading for those tender in the gospel, mature in the gospel, and those who have lost their way. For all who enjoy feeling the gentle touch of the Spirit.” —William R. Isham, business owner

“Prayers That Bring Miracles is a rare book... [It] brought real hope and comfort to me as I read it. This is must reading for anyone wanting to deepen their relationship with Heavenly Father.” —Robert Smith, author of Baptists at Our Barbecue

“I love this book... Stephen Bird has created a new format that brings new life to ideas that have been around forever... I was so full when I finished reading, and I wanted to share the message of this book.” —Darla Hanks Isackson, co-author of To Parents, with Love

“Very direct and challenging. The point of view is so immediate and down to earth that prayer is brought away from the mystical and/or ‘other guys’ experience to being ‘right with me.’” —Douglas Eddington, facilities field manager

“Simply refreshing. A tremendous gift to those who want to learn the simple truths of prayer.” —Stacey Bess, author of Nobody Don't Love Nobody

“I carry Prayers That Bring Miracles right along with my scriptures to read and reread because I find the message rich and rewarding. It is a classic that belongs on everyone's bookshelf regardless of one's denomination or spiritual inclination.” —Donna Barnes, counselor

“It changed my life. I've read the book now three times and I've started it again... [It] brought so many scriptures, stories, and ideas together on a principle that made it ‘click’ into place. This is the first time I've really felt like I'm talking to someone and that person is listening.”  —Cheryl McMullin, elementary school teacher

Prayers That Bring Miracles does just what it says. I had never felt the Spirit as strong as when I was reading this book. My whole life has been spent trying to get as close to the Lord as this book has helped me get.” —Maury Douglas Wheatley, poet and songwriter

“That book was so powerful to me. I was looking for answers to a medical condition. When I read your book I wept and wept. Your book was an answer to prayer.” —Carolyn Hermansen, administrative secretary

“I know now, as I used to when I was active, that God does live and answer prayers... There are no words to express my thanks. Since reading your book I've received personal revelations, one after another. My husband and I are both active now. Our testimonies are vibrant, and we have been sealed in the temple.” —Ann Aitken, homemaker

“What a blast of light! I've read it three times now. This book has changed my prayers! While reading Prayers That Bring Miracles, I felt a powerful spirit. I now have the tools and steps I need to know my Heavenly Father.” —Pam Wilford, early-morning seminary teacher

“I've read it three times. The Lord has answered so many of my prayers lately. I encourage all people of all denominations to read this book. The Lord will answer your prayers also!” —Cindy Herrera, CNA

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