How to Obtain a Copy


1. Check your library's website.

If you live anywhere on the Wasatch Front, check with your library's website catalog to see if they have one. A number of libraries along the Wasatch Front have a copy.

2. Check with AbeBooks.

Visit the used book sales website I purchase a lot of books this way and it can save you a lot of money. Just type in the title and my name and a few titles should come up. The prices are very good and I have had very good results by purchasing my books at this site. I try to buy books that are listed in "good," "very good," or better condition.

3. Purchase it from Amazon.

Click on the picture of my book or on and it will take you to Amazon where they sell both new and used copies of my book.

4. Purchase it from Brigham Distributing.

Brigham Distributing only sells new copies of my book. Visit their website at

5. Purchase it from an independent LDS Bookstore.

A few independent LDS Booksellers carry a copy of my book or know how to get it. Here are a few that I know of :

Book Table, Logan, Utah

Reflections of Utah, Brigham City, Utah

Feldman's, Tremonton, Utah

Handcarts in the Valley, Heber City, Utah

BYU Bookstore

Thanks for your interest

If you read my book, please let me know how you liked it.










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