"We are not obedient because we are blind. We are obedient because we can see."

Elder Boyd K. Packer

New Testament Enrichment Materials

Lesson 32: "Live in the Spirit"

An Honored and Invited Guest

“My marriage was over,” wrote Naida Tims. She been married in the temple twenty years earlier and had four children, but she felt she could no longer live with the strife and contention in her marriage so she met with a lawyer.

Fortunately her attorney recommended she visit with a counselor before he initiated divorce proceedings. She agreed to meet with her bishop. When he recommended she visit with her stake president she agreed but felt angry as she went to meet him. She said, “I knew he was going to tell us it was Satan who was destroying our marriage. I did not need to hear that. I knew exactly who was destroying our marriage. It was my husband, ken. I could no longer tolerate the criticism, the lack of consideration, the constant bickering. If he would show more thought and care, everything would be just fine.”

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Lesson 30: "God Is No Respecter of Persons"

Six feet six inches, tattooed, flannel shirt and cut-offs, riding a Harley

Peggy and I went to visit our two sons in Mesa, AZ during the first week of June. That Sunday, during fast and testimony meeting, a young missionary got up and bore his testimony. He told of “a gentleman riding on his Harley, six feet six inches tall, tattooed, wearing a flannel shirt and cut-offs. His business is failing. He says a little prayer and hears, ‘You need to go to church.’ So he stopped at the first church and it happened to be an LDS church. He parked his Harley and walked in. At the door he was greeted by a man who invited him to sit with his family.” Then he said, “This is the story of my stake president.”

After the meeting I went to talk with that young missionary. His name was Elder Boleski and his companion was Elder Clark. Elder Boleski said he was born in Canada, but his family moved a lot. Eventually his family moved to Norman, Oklahoma where he left on his mission. The gentleman on the Harley was Robert Hays, his stake president in Norman, Oklahoma. Elder Boleski gave me verbal permission to retell President Hays’ story.

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Lesson 16: "I Was Blind, Now I See"

Two Experiences With light

Elder David Bednar said we have all had two common experiences with light. One is of arising so early in the morning that it is still dark outside. Then imperceptibly, over a long period of time, we noticed more light and then at some point in time we found ourselves basking in full sunlight without ever quite knowing the precise moment at which that happened. The other experience is of entering a dark room at night and groping for the light switch. Instantly, light filled the room and everything hidden by the darkness became visible. ("The Spirit of Revelation," Conference Talk, April 2011 Sessions)

For one man, blind since birth, Jesus turned on the light switch in his eyes and he saw things in the world that had been hidden from him since birth by the darkness in his eyes. His first experience was like being in a dark room when someone turned on the lights, but as he continued to testify of the miracle that Jesus had, the light inside him grew like the dawning of a new day until he knew that Jesus was his Lord and Savior and he became a disciple of Christ.

What is light and how does it affect our lives? How much easier is it to live in a world filled with light than in a world of darkness?

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Lesson 17: "What Shall I Do That I May Inherit Eternal Life?"

Spencer W. Kimball "told about some men who went into a jungle with new traps to catch monkeys--boxes with small holes bored in the top just large enough for a monkey to slip a paw into. They put the monkeys' favorite nut into the boxes, placed the boxes under the trees, and disappeared. When the monkeys came down from the trees to check out the boxes, they saw the nuts inside and reached in to grab them. They soon found they couldn't get the nuts out because their paws, balled into little fists wrapped tightly around the nuts, would not fit back through the tiny holes in the tops of the boxes.

"While the monkeys had their paws stuck in the boxes, the men came 'out of the underbrush [to] converge on the monkeys.' President Kimball said, 'Here is the curious thing: When the monkeys saw the men coming, they would shriek and scramble about with the thought of escaping; but as easy as it would have been, they would ot let go of the nut so that they could withdraw their hands from the boxes and escape. The men captured them easily.' The monkeys lost their freedom because of their own greed. (Stephen M. Bird, Prayers That Bring Miracles, (Murray, UT: Aspen Books, 1997), 114. Complete story by Spencer W. Kimball, "The False Gods We Worship," Ensign, June 1976, 5.)

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