Financial Ark

We have experienced the effects of a financial tsunami that rolled back home values, and caused businesses to jettison jobs. I envision a financial ark to protect our financial assets during financial storms. As Noah received God's divine guidance and help, so must we receive Heavenly Father's divine guidance and help. All that we have is God's and we are His stewards. How then would our Heavenly Father want us to manage His money? How does He want us to think and feel about money? Will He help us arrange our finances to withstand financial tsunamis like losing our jobs? Links posted here may answer some of these questions.

Confession: I Was a Financial Disaster

by Andrea at SoOverDebt, Linked September 22, 2011

Andrea posted this on her blog at SoOverDebt and MSN Money liked it so much they posted it on their site. This is a link to Andrea's post at MSN Money's site. Andrea tells the story of how she came to her senses to begin the process of getting out of debt. I think anyone can get out of debt, but some of us need to "hit bottom" as they say at Alcoholics Anonymous, before we come to our senses. To build a financial ark, we have to become debt-free because debt can sink any financial boat.

Read her story at MSN Money's website.

Marriage Makes Us Richer: Commandments, Marriage and Prosperity, Part 1

by Stephen M. Bird. Posted May 6, 2011

At the library I browsed Money magazine and noticed an article “Do You Have What It Takes To Be Wealthy?” I wanted to be wealthy so I read the article,which, presented 15 questions designed to tell me whether or not I had the potential to become wealthy. The 8th question asked if I was married and the article's explanation for the question caught my attention:

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Marriage Makes Us Richer, Part 2

by Stephen M. Bird. Posted September 9, 2011

In my "Marriage Makes Us Richer, Part 1" post, I linked to an article "10 Ways Getting Married will Make You Richer." Of the ten ways mentioned in that article, cohabitants can participate in the first two ways, i.e. "1. Getting together and splitting the bills," and "2. Combining the furnishings." However, the other eight ways appear to be inaccessible to cohabitants. Research currently indicates that cohabitants to not appear to benefit nearly as much financially from their coupled living arrangement as do married couples.


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